About this site

This site tracks the status and evolution of selected clans on the World of Tanks game, for XBOX and PlayStation.

The monitoring is done daily by collecting, along each day, information about the clans' members on the Wargaming API, and then, for each clan member, query by tank overall performance, store this data on a database an then compute WN8, Win Rate etc.

The rest is just simple math using weighted averages by the number of battles.

This site is not real-time! Clans are calculated daily, but players has data refreshed on intervals ranging from 24h (active player, top WN8t15 clan) to 15 days (inactive player, very small clan, and smaller WN8t15).

About the reported statistics

WN8 is a statistic shows how good, in a given tank, a player is, compared to other players on the same tank. The full calculation method is boring, but it is considered consistent with the win rate of a particular player.

WN8 values around 1,000 are midfielders, and above and below are better and worst values, respectively. These values are divided into ratings, and each rating with a color and name as below:

WN8's Ratings
Value Name
0 Very Bad
300 Bad
450 Below Average
650 Average
900 Above Average
1200 Good
1600 Very Good
2000 Great
2450 Unicum
2900 Super Unicum

A commander is active if he/she plays at least 21 matches on the last month (actually, the last 28 days).

Recent Win Rate and Recent WN8s are calculated using only active commanders of each clan, weighing the individual statistics by the number of battles performed on the last month.

  • WN8a: it's the weighted monthly WN8 of all active commanders;
  • WN8t15: it's the weighted monthly WN8 of the top 15 active commanders;
  • WN8t7: it's the weighted monthly WN8 of the top 7 active commanders.

The individual ranking of a commander inside the clan is based on the monthly WN8. This choice makes the ranking more dynamic, reflecting a more up to date reality.

The clan ranking is based on the WN8t15. This yields a more dynamic picture of the scene and avoids cheating by Re-enroll; and it will not encourage clans to climb in the ranking exclusively through the elimination of the weakest. My explicit intention is to stimulate larger clans, with an elite teaching a larger base how to play better and better.

Suspect Data

This site is the end point of a chain of information that flows from the Wargaming's battle servers to the Wargaming's web API servers, and finally to the my data collectors. If at any point there is data corruption, lag or inconsistencies, the information on this site will be affected.

I try to detect suspicious data, filtering out outliers in the recent WN8 of each player. The name of a player will be in red if an outlier was detected, and the value of the reported recent WN8 will come from the previous collection, which is, hopefully, better information. Usually the problem solves by itself in few days.


Any statistics should be taken carefully. Don't be (very) upset if you (or your clan) has a low WN8: the game's objetive is to be fun to play, and if you (and your clan) became good at it, the better.

Large portion of the statistics are collected in public matches, often even playing in platoon. So these numbers are not accurate predictors of a battle of clans, where greater coordination is required and possible.

After a clan is added to the system it takes a full month of data collection for the recent values (last month) became comparable with those of other clans.

Not all clans of the game are represented on this site. If you want your clan be included, ask me. Even if a clan is being tracked it only appears in listing if it has at least 7 active commanders and at least 25% of all commanders are active.

Privacy Policy

This site uses direct and indirect cookies (from Google, to Analytics), to collect information about visitors in aggregated mode. This information is used to track the most accessed pages, understand the technologies and demographics of visitors (what is your language?), and to help Google, as a search engine, to put this site in results of people who may have and interest in it.

I do not track your personal data, except your performance in the game. If you want to use a tracking blocker like AdBlock, be my guest. I use it myself. Even on my own site.

The only information about you that I know is your Gamer Tag/PSN Name, I don't know your e-mail, except if you mail me, I don't know your Discord User unless you use the Discord Bot command SetWhoIAm. I promise to not spam you about anything, as I don't have anything to sell or ask. I do not keep any logs for more than 7 days, and they are used only do diagnose issues, or to understand the technologies you use to access the site, or the languages that you would prefer to see on the site.

You can ask me to remove your data: Just state your Gamer Tag/PSN Name, and I will delete any data that I have on you after some confirmation that you are, indeed, the owner of the Gamer Tag/PSN Name. The deletions are irreversible. But be advised that if I delete your data, and you play again, then the Wargaming's APIs will push your data back again. So, to permanently delete your data here, you must first ask Wargaming to delete your account, witch will erase your history on the game, including the tanks you purchased and worked on.

Adding your clan

There's a daily routine that automatically adds clans that reach at least 7 members. Usually they appear on the site a few days after being added. If you think it's not working, call me on Discord so I check what's going on. Remember that the default view, on the main page, only shows clans with at least 7 active members.

If your clan goes inactive for a long time, or with less than 5 members, I will disable data collection for it and it will soon vanishes from the site. Write to me if your clan was back on the game and the system didn't automatically detected it.

The clan must have at least 7 members. I will not add clans with less than 7 members.

Flag: are completely optional. If you want to change the flag of your clan, choose one and tell me (by Discord) their code. Only officials of the can ask me that.

I can add clans to the site on my discretion, usually if the clan enters a tournament, or if it catches my attention in the battlefield.

The path ahead...

It's always possible to get better. Some ideas to this site, in no particular order:

  • Compare clans: A page to compare two clans side by side;
  • A player search function;
  • and so on...

Send me suggestions and feedback so I can prioritize what could make this site (and the WoT Gaming Community) better.

API and Data Freedom

In the same way that this application uses data from other sources, the data in this application is free to be used by other applications and compose different views of the data.

To easy the data transfer it is possible to access this site information in json.

If you do use the API on your application please set a reference back to this page; and send me a message, so I can forewarn you once something is about to change in the API.

The current APIs are

  • Clans: All the clans on the system. This endpoint supports OData queries, like this;
  • Clan Detail: Details on a particular Clan;
  • MoE: The estimated MoE values;
  • MoE by Tank Id: The estimated MoE values for a given tank by its id;
  • MoE by Tank Name: The estimated MoE values for a given tank by its short name;
  • WN8: The expected values for WN8 calculation.
  • WN8 by Tank Id: The expected values for WN8 calculation for a given tank by its id.
  • WN8 by Tank Name: The expected values for WN8 calculation for a given tank by its short name.

Source Code

The source code for the entire project is shared (MIT License) on GitHub.


This site could not exists without Wargaming providing battles' data in public APIs. Kudos to them!

To all the good (and patient) people of the SELVA clan, who helped me with tests and reviews.

To OldTimer778, for the awesome French translation. Merci beaucoup!

The Word of Tanks name and related names and images are trademarks of the Wargaming. Wargaming kindly allowed me to use their art material, as long as this site stays as non-profit. Thanks WG! The XBOX name, related names and images are trademarks of Microsoft. The PlayStation name, related names and images are trademarks of Sony.

About me

I'm JP Negri, gamer tag "JP Negri Coder" on XBOX Live. I'm far from being an Unicum player, but I'm (slowly) getting better. And I'm a proudly member of the SELVA clan!

Send me suggestions, bug reports and feedback. I will try to answer the best I can. Discord is the easiest way to find me: join the World of Tanks Console Stats Hub and page me (@JP Negri Coder) on the #wotclans channel. You can also try (if we already have a server in common) a direct message for JP Negri Coder#0067.


I'm sorry to inform you that this site, and the bot, will cease to exists before 2024-02.

Thanks for your support and for making this site a success.