Help me keep this site ad free!

Help me keep this site ad free! Donate!

Your help is pretty much appreciated!

I started this site in February 2016 as a hobby, to easily check my statistics and those of my clan. At first only in Portuguese, and very few clans. I didn't even used a database, only a bunch of text files, as there was so few data.

Then, more people in Brazil started to use the site, and ask to include their clans. And soon some people around the world asked to include their clans, and I delivered an English version. Right now, 2021 January, I'm tracking about 2,000 active clans and 36,200 players. I'm using a 25GB database and serving more than 73,000 pages per month!

But the best of it all: I became part of a large community of players. I'm still far from Unicum, but sometimes people send me messages at the start of matches. It's rewarding.

In 2017 I introduced the MoE, Leaderboard and Ace pages.

In 2018 I created pages with detailed statistics for each tank, and the players' performance pages, recent and overall. Also in 2018 I created the Discord Bot, highly popular, e made the entire project Open Source. 2018 was a great year!

Since 2019 I'm just keeping the site up. There were a couple of times I had to code to accomodate the new Cold Wars mode (by ignoring it) and the cross-play.

Due to COVID-19 I didn't asked for donations in 2020 and 2021. There were better uses for your money than my site.

But here we are in 2022, and real life, outside of World of Tanks still exists, and I need to pay for the server that hosts this site. I use SmarterASP.NET and they provide a stellar and affordable service, but it's not free. For the next year it just cost me US$119.40. It may not appear much for someone on richer parts of the world, but consider that down here, in Brazil, this is ~BRL680.00, about half of our monthly minimum wage.

I will take off the message asking for donations from the pages' top as soon as I can recover these hosting costs.

I'm asking you to help me. I don't want to ruin the layout putting ads. So, any amount would be appreciated.

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Thank you very much for using my site, reading this page, and contributing!

Good Battles!

yours, JP Negri