The top 25 best clan players on each tank.

Calculated at 1/13/2020.

Nation Type V-X Tank Clan Commander Rank Battles Damage Kills
Direct Assisted Combined Avg Max


  1. These are the best top 25 clan players, by overall average Combined Damage.
  2. Combined Damage is the sum of Radio Assisted Damage, Tracking Assisted Damage and Direct Damage.
  3. This page is not related to maestry badges on tanks.
  4. This data is automatically updated on the first hours (UTC) of every Tuesday.
  5. To appear on the list one must have played at least tier x 10 battles on the tank (so a Tiger I player must have at least 70 battles in it), and had at least one battle with the tank on the last 3 months, and have at least 1,000 battles in the game.
  6. If a tank doesn't appear on the list it's because there are less than 100 players on it with the requirements. There's no sense in creating a top 25 among only 50...
  7. I don't like seal clubbing, so there are no tanks on tier 4 and bellow, don't even ask.


Your WN8 may change!

I just updated the relations between Console Tanks and PC Tanks, for those that don't have the exact same numeric id (The Surrogate Table).

Because of this it's expected that the WN8 of some tanks change, as I'm now using the same values that XVM publishes for those tanks, instead of using Extrapolated Values or the Average for the Type and Tier.

Notable changes are on the Italian line, T-50-2, Tiger 217, Kraft's Pz IV, Hydra, Fortress, Inferno, Shashka etc.